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Memoir of Dr Matthew Young - Ch 4 The Eden of Manitoba

A historical reconstruction by Felix Kuehn.

    Memoirs of Dr Matthew Young - Ch 1 Winnipeg

    A reconstruction of a lost memoir, written by Felix Kuehn.

      Memoirs of Dr Matthew Young - Ch 5 A Pembina Crossing History

      A historical reconstruction by Felix Kuehn.

        Memoirs of Dr Matthew Young - Ch 6 Our Pembina Crossing Years

        A historical reconstruction by Felix Kuehn.

          Metis Nation - Joseph Godon - Rock Lake

          Joseph Godon was one of the well-known Metis leaders in the district north of Rock Lake Manitoba. He was born near Pembina North Dakota to a family associated with Alexander Henry's trading station at Pembina, but he lived most of his life in the Rock Lake district.

            Nellie McClung - Elsie McLachlan's Mock Parliament Memories

            Published in the Victoria Times Colonist, this reminiscence by a niece of Nellie McClung recalls her experience of hearing Nellie McClung in her role as Premier Roblin during the Mock Parliament performance at the Walker Theatre.

              Nellie McClung Foundation

              This web site provides information on Nellie McClung's life and contribution to Canada. The site also contains teaching aids for eductators.

                Normal School Farewell 1906

                A commemorative card in honour of the graduates of the Manitou Normal School, class of 1906.

                  Osterwick Homecoming Memories 2004

                  A commemorative booklet celebrating the families and the community at the time of the Homecoming celebrations in 2004.

                    Panting - A Historical Survey of Southern Manitoba 10 - Rev H J Borthwick - Morden 1953

                    The primary purpose of this research project, undertaken by Gerald Panting in 1953 for the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, was to discover what historical materials were still extant in the South Central district of Manitoba at that time. The secondary purpose was to obtain information about the pioneer days from people who knew about that period from first hand.

                    Files have been named based on the community - from Morden to Killarney - in which the pioneer lived in 1953, not according to where they originally settled.


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