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Klippenstein Bernice - Memoir

A memoir written by Bernice Klippenstein concerning her life in the Manitou district - 1924 to 2017.

    Kozak, Joe - Memoirs

    This document describes Joe's family's emigration experience and his own life and times.

      Kuehn, Felix - Biography of Cecil Francis Guest

      Cecil Francis Guest was one of the outstanding photographers of the Pembina Manitou District, working here from 1900 to 1906.

        Manitou Normal School 1930 - Photo Album

        A student's collection of photos to commemorate her year in Norman School in Manitou.

          Manitou Old Timers Reunion Picnic - Winnipeg 1961

          A gathering of former residents of Manitou in Winnipeg - 1961.

            Manitou Opera House - A History

            Contains a collection of news articles and posters concerning a hundred years of performances at Manitou's Opera Houses.

              Manitou Youth Training Centre Yearbook 1937-38

              A mimeographed yearbook published in honour of the Manitou Youth Training Centre class of 1937-38.

                Manitou's Notable People - by Bette Mueller

                A survey collection of short biographies of some of the many people who have influenced the lives of the people of the Manitou community, researched and compiled by Bette Mueller.

                  McClung - Bob Chalmers Reminiscences

                  Bob Chalmers grew up across the lane from the McClung family and was one of the young people whom Nellie McClung immortalized in her book 'Sowing Seeds In Danny'. This document contains some of his memories of those days of his childhood.

                    Memoir of Dr Matthew Young - Ch 2 The Manitoba Boom

                    A historical Reconstruction by Felix Kuehn.

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