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Town of Manitou

The Town of Manitou has worked as a financial partner in the development of this Virtual Archive and has provided meeting and work spaces, as well.

Municipality of Pembina

The Municiplaity of Pembina showed support for this project even as it was still forming as an idea. That support ensured the project's credibility in the region.

Government of Manitoba

Supporters of the Pembina Manitou Virtual Archive through the Heritage Grants Program.

Prairie Spirit School Division

The Prairie Spirit School Division was an early supporter of the project through a grant to cover costs of developing a web site to host the Pembina Manitou Virtual Archive.

City of Morden

Home of five of Southern Manitoba's earliest newspapers.

Municipality of Glenboro - South Cypress

Home of the Glenboro Gazette.

Village of Crystal City

Home of the Crystal City Courier.

Municiplaity of Louise

Home of the Crystal City Courier, the Pilot Mound Signal, and the Pilot Mound Sentinel Courier

Town of Pilot Mound

Home of the Pilot Mound Signal and the Sentinel Courier.

Town of Emerson

Home of the Emerson Independent, the Emerson JOurnal, and The Emerson Southern Manitoba Times.