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Mowbray Rail Station

A history of the Rail Station at Mowbray, Manitoba published in the Winkler Times.

    Special Places - Manitou and Pembina Municipality

    One of the first projects reviewing the architectural heritage of the Pembina Municipality. Although the project was completed in conjunction with Manitoba Heritage, most of the local research was carried out by Bette Mueller.

      St Alban's Anglican Church - Snowflake

      This collection of documents were gathered as plans were made for the disbursal of the building and effects of the church after the congregation decided to join with St Mary's Kaleida.

        St Luke's Anglican Church - Pembina Crossing - Felix Kuehn

        A short history of the St Luke's Anglican Church at Pembina Crossing in Southern Manitoba, written bu Felix Kuehn.

          St Luke's Pembina Crossing - News Article

          A short news article concenring St Luke's Pembina Crossing Anglican Church written by Susan Hiebert.

            St Mary's Anglican Church - Kaleida - 75th Anniversary 1967

            A collection of documents and photographs collected in association with the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of St Mary's in 1967

              St Mary's Anglican Church Kaleida - Architectural Design

              ST Mary's Anglican Church is also known as the Winram Memorial Anglican Church.

                St Mary's Anglican Church Kaleida MB - Centennial Celebrations 1992

                A collection of letters and photographs collected in association with the celebration of the St. Mary's Anglican Church's Centennial. 

                  Star Mound

                  Star Mound has been a well known gathering site for centuries and was one of the sites consistently mentioned by the early explorers of Manitoba. On the height of the hiss is a turtle shaped mound. The Star Mound school originally stood below the height of the hill, but was moved to the height by the community to provide a focus for their heritage site. 

                    Swan Lake MB - Postcard

                    An early postcard showing Swan Lake MB.

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