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Beygrau Paul T & Luther Burbank In Memorium (1920)

Beygrau, in later life, worked with Luther Burbank in his gardens. Their friendship led to Beygrau managing the development of Burbank's Gardens after Burbank's death.

Document from the Sonoma County Library.


    Beygrau Paul T - Manitou Works of Art - 1896-1905 (1894)

    Paul Beygrau, artist, engineer, left an impressive legacy in the three years he was in Manitou. His art works on the walls of the Cassin House Hotel impressed guests until its fiery destruction in 1959. 

    Details of his work on the Robson House have been photographed by the Sharpe family during renovations on the house. His only remaining work is the drawing he did of the Manitou Curling Club members, drawn in 1894.


      Beygrau Paul T -in Berkeley California - The Inspired Madness of the Plaster Palace (1920)

      This tour through the house Beygrau designed, built and decorated in Berkeley, Californis gives a sense of the style of his art works.


        Builder's Certificate - Manitou District 1890 (1890)

        This certificate was hand drawn by one of the builders of the Storey home north east of Manitou and presented to the new owners by the builders, all of whom signed the document.


          Cartwright Blacksmith Shop Restoration (1885)

          A pictorial celebration of the reconstruction and restoration of the Cartwright, Manitoba Blacksmith Shop.


            Cartwright MB - Railway Ave - 1908 (1908)

            An early photo postcard featuring Railway Ave E in Cartwright Manitoba.


              Cartwright MB - Rural Depopulation from an Architectural Point of View - 1980 - 20002000 (1980)

              A collection of Art Thompson's photos of prairie farm architecture in the Cartwright MB district.


                Christ Church Anglican Restoration - Cartwright MB

                The Christ Church Anglican Church in Cartwright was restored over the period of a decade, and completed in 2010.


                  CPR Log House - Manitou - Municipal Designation

                  Records of the municipal designation of the CPR Log House in Manitou and its historical significance.


                    Crystal City, Manitoba Hand Drawn Maps 1881 (1881)

                    Two hand drawn maps of Crystal City showing where specific buildings stood as of 1991-2.


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