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The Former Manitou Gas Company Plant

Manitou was served by an acetylene gas plant from 1906 to 1926. The gas plant building still stands in north west Manitou. Lorne Thompson researched this architecural artefact as part of a Heritage Manitoba project.

    The Spectator - Manitou Collegiate Year Book 1937

    Although missing the last pages, this mimeographed yearbook celebrates the students attending Manitou Collegiate in 1936-37.

      Thorleifson, Al - Lieutenant Governor's Award 2017

      Al Thorleifson received the Lieutenant Governor's Award for Historical Perservation and Promotion 2017 for his work on the Pembina Manitou Archive, the Manitou Opera House Accessibility Project and numerous other community based projects promoting historical research.

        Thorleifson, Ian - Bio

        A short biography of Ian Thorleifson as a wildlife expert and tour guide.

          Thorleifson, Ian - Grizzly Bears in Manitoba

          Recounts one of Ina's experiences tracking grizzly bears in Manitoba.

            Thorleifson, Ian - Hey Grizzly - Gimme Back my Caribou

            Recounts an incident with a Grizzly while tour guiding in Northern Manitoba.

              Thorleifson, Ian - How Strong is a Polar Bear's Memory

              Recounts a story of Ian's experience working as a 'Polar Bear Policeman' at Churchill, Manitoba.

                Thorleifson, Ian - Making the best of it, DC3 Crash

                Recounts Ian's experience with f flying mishap in northern Manitoba.

                  Thorleifson, Ian - Maral Farmers and Velvet Doctors of Altai

                  Ian toured Kazakstan as a part of his work with the Elk industry in Western Canada.

                    Thorleifson, Ian - Perils of Moose Calling

                    Ian Recounts an experience with a Moose while working as a tour guide in Northern Manitoba.

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