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Snowflake UCW - Handkerchief Sale

A card announcement inviting donors to provide handkerchiefs of a church fund-raising sale.

    Soldiers of the Soil - 1918

    Brochure published in 1918 by the Province of Ontario Organization of Resources Committee to encourage farmers to produce more food for the troops in Europe.

      Speeches Scribler - Suffragists & McClung

      This book contains a series of speechies which seem to be the opening arguments for a series of debates. Their topics are varied, but one is on the issue of Suffrage for Women. They were written in 1914 and 1915, just before the granting of suffrage in Manitoba.


        St Andrew's United Church - LaRiviere - Centennial Bulletin

        The bulletin and program prepared for this centennial celebration.

          St Andrew's United Church, Manitou MB - The Story of My Church - 1965

          A short history booklet celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the St Andrew's United Church in Manitou, Manitoba written by the 1965 Explorer Group.

            St Luke's Pembina Crossing - News Article

            A short news article concenring St Luke's Pembina Crossing Anglican Church written by Susan Hiebert.

              St Luke's Pembina Crossing Anglican Church

              A short history of the Anglican community at Pembina Crossing published by the Boundary Commission NWMP Trail Association in 1990.

                St Luke's Pembina Crossing Anglican Church - Vestry Books

                Records of St Luke's Anglican Church at Pembina Criossing in southern Manitoba.

                  St Mary's Anglican Church - Kaleida - 75th Anniversary 1967

                  A collection of documents and photographs collected in association with the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of St Mary's in 1967

                    St Mary's Anglican Church - Kaleida - Ladies Aid Minutes 1935-6

                    A scribbler in which the St Mary's Ladies Aid recorded their Minutes in 1935-6

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