Neelin is on the north shore of the Pembina River system between Rock and Pelican Lakes.

Community Histories

Archaeological Report 1947 - Chris Vickers - Southern Manitoba Prehistory Sites (0)

In his 1947 report, Chris Vickers notes important discoveries on the origin of several settlement cultures in South Central Manitoba. He also notes the destruction of one major prehistoric site due to agricultural bulldozing.

This report as written for the Mistorical and Scientific Society of Manitoba and is in the collection of the University of Manitoba.


    Canada 1812 - 1871 The Formative Years (0)

    This booklet, originally published by Imperial Oil, provides an understanding of the culture of Southern Ontario in the 19th Century. Many of the original settlers of the Pembina Manitou District came from Southern Ontario in the 1880's.

      I Remember by Caroline Cumming (1880)

      This set of recollections concerns the Huntly School District and the town of Neelin on the north side of Rock and Pelican Lakes.

        Manitoba's Boundaries - English (0)

        Booklet published by Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Recreation, Historic Resources Branch.

        Please recognize the attitudes expressed in these bulletins may not reflect current attitudes.

          Manitoba's Diamond Jubilee - 1930 Commemorative Booklet (1880)

          A commemorative booklet which features photos of legislative officials over the past 60 years, comments on provincial development, and photos of regional interest.

            Manitoba's Diamond Jubilee - Commemorative Booklet 1930 (1880)

            A short history of the Province of Manitoba in Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of its formation. The document gives a capsule view of the history and economic development of the Province at that time.

              Rock Lake - Metis Scrip Claims (1880)

              A listing of the Metis claimants to scrip lands in the district surrounding Rock Lake, Manitoba.