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Metis Nation - Joseph Godon - Rock Lake

Joseph Godon was one of the well-known Metis leaders in the district north of Rock Lake Manitoba. He was born near Pembina North Dakota to a family associated with Alexander Henry's trading station at Pembina, but he lived most of his life in the Rock Lake district.

    Rock Lake - Metis Scrip Claims

    A listing of the Metis claimants to scrip lands in the district surrounding Rock Lake, Manitoba.

      Fort Pembina

      A short history of the forts erected at the mouth of the Pembina River on thr Red River.

        Ilets de Bois / Carman - Metis Scrip Applications

        Researched by Lawrence Barkwell, this is a list of the Metis Scrip Applications fro the Ilets de Bios and Carman districts.

          Killarney - Metis Scrip Claims

          Researched by Lawrence Barkwell, these are the Metis Scrip claims registered in the Killarney district.

            Pembina Metis Community

            A short history of the Metis families associated with Fort Pembina.

              Pembina - Metis Scrip Claims

              Metis Scrip Claims associated with the Pembina District near Fort Pembina in North Dakota.

                Excerpt; British American Boundary Commission and the 49th Metis Rangers

                A discussion of the role of Metis Scouts who worked with the British-American Boundary Commission as it surveyed the 49th parallel.

                  List - Boundary Commission 49th Metis Rangers

                  A list of the men who served as scouts for the British American Boundary Commission - the 49th Metis Rangers.

                    Fort Pembina

                    A short review of the history of Fort Pembina, North Dakota. Several forts competed for the fur trade at the mouth of the Pembina River beginning ca 1800.

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