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Hasselfield & Carter Families

A collection of documents and photographs of the Hasselfield and Carter families. Nellie McClung boarded with the Hasselfields in the Hazel district when she came to Manitou to teach in 1890. Nellie and Clara were lifelong friends.

    Hazel School District Football Team 1901

    Hazel School District's Football team won the Rogers' Cup in 1901. Among the players were Frank and Percy Hasselfield, whom Nellie McClung came to know well since she boarded with their family when she came to teach at Hazel School in 1890.

      Manitou District Women's Institute 1910-1971

      A survey history of the organization.

        Manitou Gas Company Papers

        This series of documents provides background on the Manitou Gas Company as well as on its dissolution after electricity was brought to town. R W McClung was one of the major investors.

          Manitou Opera House - A History

          Contains a collection of news articles and posters concerning a hundred years of performances at Manitou's Opera Houses.

            Manitou Sun - Manitou Community Promotional Brochure

            This 1905 brochure, published while Wes McClung was on the town council, provides background information on the town and municipality as well as space for many advertisements for local merchants.

              Manitou Telephone Exchange

              A short history of the telephone exchange in Manitou with reference to the original subscribers. The MTS Archive has also donated a 1908 box telephone to the Nellie McClung Heritage Site.

                McClung - 1940s Swain Article Collection

                A collection of newspaper articles written by McClung in the 1940s and collected in a scrapbook by Gertrude Swain of Carman, MB.

                  McClung - VRBCA - Elkhorn Industrial School

                  Articles and photos taken during McClung's visit to the Elkhorn Industrial School in Elkhorn, Manitoba. These are found in Nellie McClung's scrap books which are held in the MS0010 Nellie McClung Fond of the Royal British Columbia Archive.

                    McClung - VRBCA - Golden Wedding - Cards

                    Articles and congratulations, cards and notes concerning Wes and Nellie's 50th wedding anniversary found in Nellie McClung's scrapbooks. The scrapbooks are found in the MS0010 Nellie McClung Fond of the Royal British Columbia Archive.

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