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184th Battalion C. E. F. - A History in Pictures

A selection of photos and documents outlining the experience of the members of the 184th as they prepared to embark for Europe.

    1: The Pembina Manitou Archive: A Community-Based Educational Resource

    This essay describes the purpose and the initial development of the Pembina Manitou Archive.

      Archibald District History

      A selection of photographs, memoirs, and historical sketches concerning the Archibald Methodist (United) Church, the Archibald School District, and its early settlers in Southern Manitoba.

        Archibald Methodist Church - A Historical Sketch

        A collection of documents and photographs collected at the time of the dedication of the restored church at Archibald Historical Museum.

          Asmundur Asmundson: Man Without Feet

          Asmundur, who lived his final years with Siggi and Sena Anderson, lost his feet in a snow storm in Iceland, yet survived to live a productive life in the Baldur District.

            ATKINS Kay - Personal Memories

            This document contains a collection of memories of life in this district.

              Atkins, Kay - Memories

              One of a series of interviews of Manitou community elders compiled by Bette Mueller.

              This one features Kay Atkins.

                Available On Line - Manitoba's Newspapers

                This is a listing of all Manitoba newspaper which we currently are aware are available online. We will pdate the listing as we become aware of changes.

                  B. K. & Claire Johnson's Centennial HIstory - 1970

                  A short family history published during Manitoba's Centennial year.

                    Beygrau Paul T & Luther Burbank In Memorium

                    Beygrau, in later life, worked with Luther Burbank in his gardens. Their friendship led to Beygrau managing the development of Burbank's Gardens after Burbank's death.

                    Document from the Sonoma County Library.

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