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McClung - VRBCA - 1910 - Family Accounts (1908)

Nellie McClung wrote most of her rough drafts in notebooks of different sizes. Mixed in with drafts of speeches would be lists of money spent on journeys, or grocery lists and expense lists for day to day.

The original document can be found in the Royal British Columbia Archive.


    McClung - VRBCA - 1915 - Camping in the Mountains (1914)

    A journal of a journey to the north of Jasper via an old Indian trail. The writing is sufficiently distinct to suggest that the writer is Wes McClung. 

    The original document can be found in the Royal British Columbia Archive.


      Richard N Lea - Migratory Bird Journal and General Notes (1883)

      R N Lea was interested in the seasons and the wildlife to be found in this new district to which he had brought his family. He added short notes to this journal over a seventeen year period.


      Fond: Lea Family
        Richard N. Lea's Migratory Bird Journal - Transcription by Felix Kuehn (1880)

        A transcription by Felix Kuehn with added articles and newspaper references to R. N. Lea's work as a naturalist.


        Fond: Lea Family
          Thelma Forbes - A Political Memoir (1950)

          A collection of photographs and documents recollecting events during her time in office.


            Thirteen Years on the Prairies by Dr John Pennefather (1880)

            An account written by Dr Pennefather of his homestead experineces in Norquay and of his journey with the Canadian Force which quelled the Northwest Rebellion in 1885.


              Trek to Freedom - Susanna Toews

              Susanna Toews memoir of her journey to North America.


                W N Rolfe - 'A Citizen of Canada' (1880)

                Rolfe's memoir of his time in the Pembina Manitou area.


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