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Manitou - Bi-Plane Visits 1920

Ida Handford took these photographs of the bi-plane which toured Manitou in the summer of 1920.

    Manitou - ByLaws 1897

    A booklet containing the By-Laws of the Village of Manitou, Manitoba from 1897.

      Manitou Board of Trade By-Laws 1927

      Published in 1928 by the Manitou Western Canadian, this document constitutes the By-Laws of the Manitou Board of Trade.

        Manitou Booster Guide ca 1930

        A pamphlet promoting the businesses of Manitou, published ca 1930.

          Manitou Centennial and Homecoming 1997 Souvenir Program

          This souvenir program will give you a glimpse of the many events which took place during the 1997 Centennial Homecoming in Manitou, Manitoba.

            Manitou Centennial and Homecoming Program 1997

            This pamphlet outlines the events to take place during the 1997 Centennial Homecoming celebrations in Manitou, Manitoba.

              Manitou Centennial Souvenir Program 1997

              The Souvenir Program produced for the Manitou Centennial Celebrations held in 1997.

                Manitou Gas Company Papers

                This series of documents provides background on the Manitou Gas Company as well as on its dissolution after electricity was brought to town. R W McClung was one of the major investors.

                  Manitou Gas Company Plant - Seven Drawings

                  An architectural survey of the Manitou Gas Company Plant building. This project was a partnership between the Pembina Manitou Culture and Heritage Association and Heritage Manitoba. 

                    Manitou Lodge #30 By-Laws

                    Published by the Manitou Western Canadian in 1944, the By-Laws of Manitou Lodge #30 GRM AF & AM

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