Pre-European Settlement

0 - 1880

Includes articles which reflect on the development of the structure of our province, its geological evolution.

Community Histories

Archaeology in the Rock and Pelican Lake Area of South Central Manitoba (0)

Chris Vickers completed a series of archaeological digs in the Mound Builder and Assiniboine sites in Southern Manitoba between 1940 and 1950.

These reports were prepared for the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba and are now in the collection of the University of Manitoba.

    Calf Mountain - Reference (1909)

    This document provides the web address for the most thorough report on the Calf Mountain excavation undertaken by Henry Montgomery in 1909.

      Calf Mountain Gorget (1900)

      Discovered during archeological research by Henry Montgomery at Calf Mountain, south of Darlingford, Manitoba, this shell gorget is now in the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum.

        Flemming John - Sketch Artist 1857 (0)

          Geographical Study of 2-9W - McKenzie District (1880)

          A research study of the McKenzie District Southern Manitoba and district written by Dennis Windsor.

            Hind Expedition - Fort Garry to Fort Ellis 1858 (0)

            A summary of the Hind Expedition's general report of the journey along the Assiniboine River to Saskatchewan in 1858.

              Hind Expedition - Fort Garry to Fort Ellis via the Souris River -1858 (0)

              A journal of the Hind Expedition through Manitoba taken in 1858.

                Nickerson Mound Explorations 1912-1915 (0)

                A report on the exploration of Mound Builder sites in southern Manitoba from 1912 to 1915 by Nickerson, written by Katherine H Capes.

                  Peter Rindisbacher - An Artist on Tour in the West (0)

                  A collectuon of works of art painted by Rindisbacher during his time in the west.

                    Pilot Mound, Manitoba - Archibald Photos (0)

                    A short history of the old Mound and early photos of the community of Pilot Mound, Manitoba.

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