World War II

1939 - 1945

This 1939 photo, of Wilf Bennet in front of the cenotaph, represents the commitment of the community to the war effort in both world wars.

Business & Public Affairs

1: The Pembina Manitou Archive: A Community-Based Educational Resource (2012)

This essay describes the purpose and the initial development of the Pembina Manitou Archive.

    Available On Line - Manitoba's Newspapers (1880)

    This is a listing of all Manitoba newspaper which we currently are aware are available online. We will pdate the listing as we become aware of changes.

      Kaleida School Documents and Receipts 1926 - 1948 (1926)

      A sample of documents ad receipts which address the business of managing the school.

      1926 - 1948

        Kaleida School Minutes 1902 - 1948 Part Two (1923)

        A record of the decisions and priorities of the Kaleida School Board of Trustees.

          Manitou Lodge #30 By-Laws (1944)

          Published by the Manitou Western Canadian in 1944, the By-Laws of Manitou Lodge #30 GRM AF & AM

            Nellie McClung Foundation (1880)

            This web site provides information on Nellie McClung's life and contribution to Canada. The site also contains teaching aids for eductators.

              Nellie McClung Says - Scrapbook #1 (1940)

              A scrapbook filled with syndicated columns from the daily papers written by Nellie McClung in 1940 and 1941. They contain a wide range of topics including references to the war effort.

              The scrapbook collector is unknown.

                Nellie McClung Says - Scrapbook #2 (1941)

                This scrapbook contains a collection of syndicated articles written by Nellie McClung in 1941 and 1942. Topics are wide ranging with some emphasis on W W 2. 

                The scrapbook's creator is not known.