Pembina Crossing

This ford served the Metis as one of their main stop overs on their trek south for the buffalo hunt. It served the community as a supply centre for several decades.

Business & Public Affairs

Archibald - LaRiviere Scenic Tour Brochure ca 1970 (1968)

A brochure suggesting scenic stops on a tour of the Pembina Valley featuring LaRiviere and the Archibald districts of southern Manitoba.

    Farming at Fairbrook (1880)

    This collection of Lea Family photographs indicates how farming practices, and especially machinery, has changed over the past hundred years.

      Manitoba Tourist Guide - 1930 (1930)

      Published for the Motoring crowd to promote tourism in Manitoba in 1930.

        Manitoba's Diamond Jubilee - 1930 Commemorative Booklet (1880)

        A commemorative booklet which features photos of legislative officials over the past 60 years, comments on provincial development, and photos of regional interest.

          Manitoba's Diamond Jubilee - Commemorative Booklet 1930 (1880)

          A short history of the Province of Manitoba in Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of its formation. The document gives a capsule view of the history and economic development of the Province at that time.

            Pembina Crossing - A Guide to the Trails (0)

            A Pamphlet history of the Pembina Crossing Settlement and Trails

              Pembina Crossing - Oil and Gas Exploration (1880)

              A history of the different exploration projects which took place in the early 1900s in the Pembina Crossing district.

                St Luke's Pembina Crossing - News Article (0)

                A short news article concenring St Luke's Pembina Crossing Anglican Church written by Susan Hiebert.

                  St Luke's Pembina Crossing Anglican Church (1880)

                  A short history of the Anglican community at Pembina Crossing published by the Boundary Commission NWMP Trail Association in 1990.

                    St Luke's Pembina Crossing Anglican Church - Vestry Books (1880)

                    Records of St Luke's Anglican Church at Pembina Criossing in southern Manitoba.